Pasayten Panoramas: I love larches!

These 4 shots are all from a trip I took to the Pasayten Wilderness 2 years ago. I went over 4 days in the first week of October to see the larch turn bright orange. What a sight!
Each shot is two images stitched using CS 6 Photomerge. Before I merged them I opened the two shots as RAW images, synchronized them, and made slight changes to exposure, lens aberration and then using brushes made mods to the highlights/shadows. Once merged I tweaked them a little, but not much. Overall I am pretty happy with them, they are a HUGE improvement over my earlier efforts.
Amphitheater Mountain, Pasayten WildernessAmphitheater Mountain, Pasayten Wilderness

These first two are Amphitheater Mountain from just east of Cathedral Pass. Interesting how the larch form a band across the slopes…

Amphitheater Mountain, Pasayten Wilderness

Amphitheater Mountain, Pasayten Wilderness

These last two are from the other side of Cathedral Pass, near Upper Cathedral Lake. This trail, known as the Boundary Trail (it runs parallel to the Canada border) is a part of the Pacific Northwest Trail.

7 thoughts on “Pasayten Panoramas: I love larches!

  1. amazing photos and website! I need to get out hiking more! bookmarked! By chance do you know of any other sites similar to yours that I might like?

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