Sahale Camp Photomerge

Photomegre is one of the multitude of Photoshop Tools. It is a system of merging 2 or more images into a panorama.
Here are two original jpeg images from Sahale Glacier Camp. I took these with the thought in mind to later merge them. using a tripod I captured one image and carefully swung the camera on the tripod and lined up the second one. It wasn’t any fancy movement, I made note in my mind of where the frame’s edge was and pointed the camera in the approximate place to take up where the first image left off, planning for some overlap. I was using a 24 mm lens. I set my image quality when capturing the images so that I would have both a RAW file and a jpeg of the shots.
IMG_1468 em

IMG_1469 em

Once back home I opened both of the raw files together in Photoshop CS6 and synchronized them so that what ever changes I made to one were duplicated on the other. I worked to lighten the foreground and darken the sky. Using the sliders for highlights, shadows, exposure, clarity, whites and contrast I played around until I liked the result.

I also used the brush tool on the foreground to bring out more details on the rocks.

I saved the images as jpeg files. Here they are. sa 3em
sa 3_1em

Once this was done and images saved I went to Photomerge, selected the two modified images and let Photoshop work its magic. Untitled_Panorama 1201 em

Opening the panorama as a jpeg image I filled in the corners using the clone stamp tool and tweaked the levels settings a bit, and Viola! Here is the final image.

Sahale Glacier Camp, North Cascades National Park

I have printed the image as a 40″ x 15″ canvas print and it is very stunning.

Pasayten Panoramas: I love larches!

These 4 shots are all from a trip I took to the Pasayten Wilderness 2 years ago. I went over 4 days in the first week of October to see the larch turn bright orange. What a sight!
Each shot is two images stitched using CS 6 Photomerge. Before I merged them I opened the two shots as RAW images, synchronized them, and made slight changes to exposure, lens aberration and then using brushes made mods to the highlights/shadows. Once merged I tweaked them a little, but not much. Overall I am pretty happy with them, they are a HUGE improvement over my earlier efforts.
Amphitheater Mountain, Pasayten WildernessAmphitheater Mountain, Pasayten Wilderness

These first two are Amphitheater Mountain from just east of Cathedral Pass. Interesting how the larch form a band across the slopes…

Amphitheater Mountain, Pasayten Wilderness

Amphitheater Mountain, Pasayten Wilderness

These last two are from the other side of Cathedral Pass, near Upper Cathedral Lake. This trail, known as the Boundary Trail (it runs parallel to the Canada border) is a part of the Pacific Northwest Trail.