Wildflowers of Washington

My three favorite places to experience wildflower explosions are:
1. The Pasayten Wilderness. Here you’ll hike through acres of nothing but wildflowers, as far as you can see. And I don’t mean clumps of flowers here and there, but solid unending hillsides and ridgetops. Pasayten Wildflowers on the PCT em

Pasayten Wilderness Wildflowers on the PCT em

Wildflowers in the Pasayten Wilderness em

andyporter_Wildflowers at Jim Pass on the PCT,  Pasayten WildernessFlowers on Lakeview Ridge

2. Goat Rocks Wilderness. The south side of the Goat Rocks, along the PCT near Snowgrass Flats has some of the brightest, most colorful, died and gone to flower heaven displays. gr 2 em

gr 4 em

sw 5 em

sw 7 em

Wildflowers, Goat Rocks Wilderness emsw 8em

3. Sahale Arm, North Cascades National Park. Here the backdrop for the flowers is absolutely magnificent, the jagged peaks surrounding Cascade Pass juxtaposing with the flowers for a truly breathtaking effect. View from Sahale Arm Trail,  North Cascades National Park Sah WF 1m1emSah WF 3emSahale trail with flowers

17 thoughts on “Wildflowers of Washington

  1. I’ve spent most of my life living in the ugly low desert. You have no idea how gorgeous this is to me. God’s country. Just breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.

    • No prob, my pleasure!
      When I get “sick of” all the green and flowers and stuff, I head down to Utah…my second fave state! What part of the ugly low desert do you hale from?

      • Aaah, Utah. Was there when I was a youngin on family vacation. Red Rocks. Amazing.

        Ugly Low Desert = Yuma, Arizona. The country that God forgot, so Satan picked up the slack. 😉

      • Yuma! Been a looonnng time since I was passing through Yuma… Your description matches my almost forgotten images. Do you have a good reason to stay there, like being in the witness protection program, or family?

      • Oh no! So sorry I refreshed your memory.

        I have no good reason to stay here anymore as my girls are grown, and I’ve managed to escape my cartel ties.

        Actually, I’ve been contemplating heavily the past year of relocating to the Pacific Northwest region. BUT scary to make such a huge leap alone. Although I’m recognizing more and more how it’s becoming ‘necessary’ to do it. To make a bold change.

      • Memory refreshment is always good. Its fun to recall what was forgotten. I hitchhiked through the SW many times, and I had one story to tell near Yuma but have yet to put it to paper. I do, however have one from nearby: https://northwesternimages.wordpress.com/2012/04/12/west-texas-aliens-and-other-strange-rangers/
        Moving alone is crazy scary, but it does give you the chance to remake yourself and your life however you want! What part of the Pac NW were you thinking about? Have you been up here before?

      • Okay, you definitely need to write-up the ‘near Yuma’ story ASAP!

        I’ve never been to the Pac NW, but it’s just one of those places I know I would love. I have my mind sort of set on the Seattle area but am open. Washington for sure over Oregon.

      • I do need to get more stories done, I go on spurts with the writing, get in a certain mood…I have a few remarkable/disgraceful/funny/alarming sort of stories to write, maybe get started in the nearest week.
        My email is andyporterphotography@gmail.com if you get a moment email me. I would rather commiserate that way!

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