Skagit Valley Greening Cards for Sale!

I have updated the cost of the cards and locations where you can purchase them!
Skagit Valley Greening Cards for Sale!

The 10 images below are now printed on 5.5″ x 8″ thick linen finish paper. They have a luxurious feel to them and the colors are magnificent. One side is the image an the other side has the name and location of the image. They can be send as post cards, but come individually sealed in a plastic sleeve with an envelope.

Price is $3.50 each; a bundle of one of each (10 cards) for $25.
Wholesale pricing available!

The shipping cost varies based on the number of cards you’d like, email me for prices

Send in your payments (checks or money orders only, please!) to:

Andy Porter
440 Nelson Street
Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284

The cards will ship out within 24 hours of your order being received.

Here is a list of locations where you can purchase the cards:

In Mount Vernon
Skagit Valley Hospital Main Pharmacy, in the Skagit Regional Clinic Building
Skagit Valley Hospital at their new River Bend Facility Pharmacy
In Sedro-Woolley
Simply Silver and More located on Metcalf Street in Downtown Sedro Woolley
Hoagland Pharmacy on Highway 20
Sedro Woolley Auto Licensing and Chamber of Commerce office on Metcalf Street
In La Conner
Caffe Jubilee on First Street

red tulips blue and orange sky Skagit Valley Tulips

DCF 1.0 Sahale Glacier Camp, North Cascades National Park

carnival 5em Sedro-Woolley Carnival

Orange sky, pink tulips Orange Sky, Pink Tulips @ Skagit Valley

mt baker Mount Baker

Sahale Arm Trail,  North Cascades National Park Sahale Arm Trail, North Cascades National Park

Light and Tulips Light and Tulips

Point of the Arches Point of the Arches, Olympic National Park

waterfall 2-Recovered em Indian Creek Waterfall, North Cascades National Park

Arches National Park, Utah Arches National Park

First Daffodils of 2014

Skagit Valley Daffodils
These images were taken at sunrise, on March 13th, 2014!

Skagit Valley is famous for tulips in the spring. And daffodils! Each year the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival harkens the arrival of spring to the Pacific Northwest.
Skagit Valley Daffodils
There are hundreds of acres of tulips and daffodils. If you want to visit, here is a link to the Bloom Map.

Daffodils bloom first, there three large fields alight now, with more to come. The arrival of the tulips generally happens in the first week of April, but it always depends on how many sunny days we get!
Skagit Valley Daffodils

Tulips of Skagit Valley

March has arrived and it’s not too long now (hopefully!) until it gets a little warmer and the flowers start to arrive.
Row of Red Tulips em Rows of Reds, Reflected

NW Travel Magazine March-April 2014 This months issue of NW Travel Mag with one of my images on the cover!

I live in Skagit County, named after the Skagit Indians and Skagit River) in the NW corner of Washington State. And among its other striking features such as the North Cascades and Puget Sound we have the Tulip Festival every April. Yellow tulips Yellows at sunset

I understand that outside of Holland there are more tulips grown here than anywhere. The valley floor has a wide expanse of fertile, flat farmland and near the towns of Mount Vernon and La Conner there are fields and fields of bright tulips. infinite pink tulips Infinite Pinks

Each year the bloom times change, but generally its mid April when they are at their height of color.
This is a web site that has a link for a map showing exactly where the fields are and when they are abloom.
rows and people Rows and people
Every Saturday and Sunday the roads are crammed with cars forming long lines. This is not a good time to come! If you do come on the weekend make sure to arrive for either sunrise or sunset. I am often out for the sunrise and the fields are bright a crisp, a few workers and photographers are there, and that’s about it.

Weekdays are the best, plan to arrive about 5 or 6. The tulipy stores are closed and the manicured gardens. But the huge expansive fields are alive with the hue of low light and alive with vibrance!
tulips 2014 6em Yellowy mud!
Make sure to dress for mud, and bring your tripod and polarizer!
red tulips blue and orange sky Reds and a dramatic sky
If you decide to make the trip for a sunrise or sunset and want a tour guide, make sure to let me know! I am always happy to have company!

Wildflowers of Washington

My three favorite places to experience wildflower explosions are:
1. The Pasayten Wilderness. Here you’ll hike through acres of nothing but wildflowers, as far as you can see. And I don’t mean clumps of flowers here and there, but solid unending hillsides and ridgetops. Pasayten Wildflowers on the PCT em

Pasayten Wilderness Wildflowers on the PCT em

Wildflowers in the Pasayten Wilderness em

andyporter_Wildflowers at Jim Pass on the PCT,  Pasayten WildernessFlowers on Lakeview Ridge

2. Goat Rocks Wilderness. The south side of the Goat Rocks, along the PCT near Snowgrass Flats has some of the brightest, most colorful, died and gone to flower heaven displays. gr 2 em

gr 4 em

sw 5 em

sw 7 em

Wildflowers, Goat Rocks Wilderness emsw 8em

3. Sahale Arm, North Cascades National Park. Here the backdrop for the flowers is absolutely magnificent, the jagged peaks surrounding Cascade Pass juxtaposing with the flowers for a truly breathtaking effect. View from Sahale Arm Trail,  North Cascades National Park Sah WF 1m1emSah WF 3emSahale trail with flowers

Using Reflections

Reflections can add greatly to any photograph. There is something striking about reflections, they add depth, color, scale, texture and sort of pull you into the image.
AndyPorter_Shuksan_Landscape Mount Shuksan
cypress 3em Cypress Island

One item you’ll need to capture reflections is a polarizer. Try to position yourself at a 45 degree to the light for best results and as you rotate the polarizer you’ll see the reflection pop out. Be prepared to get low, maybe on your belly to get the shot!

Pond along Reiter Road Pond along Reiter Road
boat 6 Boats along Samish Bay

I am always on the hunt for any size body of water.
Sequim Balloon Festival Balloon reflected in a artificial “pond”
sunset through an open window Sunset Through an Open Window

Small puddles work great!
LB reflection 3m2 Liberty Bell from Washington Pass Overlook along the North Cascades Highway

The water does not have to be clear!
reds reflected em Tulips Reflected
sunset 1 Mud Puddle Reflection

Even wet surfaces can create wonderful reflections.
poa 17em Reflections in Sand

Everytime you see any standing water, try for a reflection!
Amphitheater Mountain Reflected Cathedral Peak, Pasayten Wilderness 3em Amphitheater Mountain Reflected, Pasayten Wilderness

ship em Squalicum Bay

sunset water Sunset and Muddy Water

Goat Rocks Wilderness, Washington

The Goat Rocks Wilderness is located in South-Central Washington along the spine of the Cascades Mountains. The Goat Rocks are the remains of a volcano, their jagged peaks jutting above the forest. With Mount Adams to the south and Mount Rainier to the north, the views are always awesome!
July brings snow melt and wildflowers. The wilderness is easy to access, camp sites abound and no permits are needed! Here are a few pictures!

Goat 8eem

Goat 22em

Goat 7-em

Goat 10em

Goat 14em

goat 2em

Goat 11m1em

Goat 3-em

Goat 9-em

Goat 15em

Goat 17em

Goat 18em

Goat 5-em

Goat 13em

Goat 19em

Goat 20em

Goat 21em

Sauk Mountain, Skagit Valley

Sauk Mountain rises more than 5,000 feet about the lower reaches of Skagit Valley. It’s nearness to the North Cascades Highway makes it a popular day hike. All of the times I’ve been there before its been partly couldy at best but I saw enough to know that it would afford great views at sunset. So, on Thursday I made my way up and captured these images of the sweet light over the Skagit River and valley…
skagit valley 1emm

skagit valley 2em

skagit valley 3em

skagit valley 4em

skagit valley 7em

skagit valley 9em

skagit valley 10em

skagit valley 11em

skagit valley 12em

Wildflowers of the Pasayten Wilderness

The Pasayten Wilderness is located in Washington State along the Canadian Border. Stretching east from Ross Lake the mountains here are drier than the North Cascades National Park, on the other side of the lake. Long ridges, endless meadows filled with wildflowers and solitude is what you’ll find here in the Pasayten.
Here are a few images from an earlier trip…cant wait until July when I’ll be headed back out there on another long trek…
Pasayten Wilderness Wildflowers on the PCT em Pasayten Wilderness Wildflowers on the Pacific Crest Trail

Jack Mountain and Wildflowers from Devils Dome em Jack Mountain and wildflowers from Devils Dome

Pasayten Wildflowers on the PCT em Pasayten Wilderness Wildflowers on the PCT

Wildflowers in the Pasayten Wilderness em Pasayten Wilderness Wildflowers

Wildflowers on the Jackita Ridge Trail, Pasayten Wilderness em Pasayten Wilderness Wildflowers

Em and Jack (Mountain) Em and Jack Mountain

Joker Mountain from the Three Fools Trail Joker Mountain from the Three Fools Trail

Ross Lake from the Lightning Creek Trail Ross Lake from the Lightning Creek Trail