Tulips of Skagit Valley

March has arrived and it’s not too long now (hopefully!) until it gets a little warmer and the flowers start to arrive.
Row of Red Tulips em Rows of Reds, Reflected

NW Travel Magazine March-April 2014 This months issue of NW Travel Mag with one of my images on the cover!

I live in Skagit County, named after the Skagit Indians and Skagit River) in the NW corner of Washington State. And among its other striking features such as the North Cascades and Puget Sound we have the Tulip Festival every April. Yellow tulips Yellows at sunset

I understand that outside of Holland there are more tulips grown here than anywhere. The valley floor has a wide expanse of fertile, flat farmland and near the towns of Mount Vernon and La Conner there are fields and fields of bright tulips. infinite pink tulips Infinite Pinks

Each year the bloom times change, but generally its mid April when they are at their height of color.
This is a web site that has a link for a map showing exactly where the fields are and when they are abloom.
rows and people Rows and people
Every Saturday and Sunday the roads are crammed with cars forming long lines. This is not a good time to come! If you do come on the weekend make sure to arrive for either sunrise or sunset. I am often out for the sunrise and the fields are bright a crisp, a few workers and photographers are there, and that’s about it.

Weekdays are the best, plan to arrive about 5 or 6. The tulipy stores are closed and the manicured gardens. But the huge expansive fields are alive with the hue of low light and alive with vibrance!
tulips 2014 6em Yellowy mud!
Make sure to dress for mud, and bring your tripod and polarizer!
red tulips blue and orange sky Reds and a dramatic sky
If you decide to make the trip for a sunrise or sunset and want a tour guide, make sure to let me know! I am always happy to have company!

12 thoughts on “Tulips of Skagit Valley

  1. Andy, congratulations on landing the cover!!! These images are exquisite! Oh my god! Just gorgeous! What is most striking and breathtaking to me is the perspective from which you took the pictures. Sometimes just the right angle turns a photo into something otherworldly. You’re killing me with those ‘red’ shots. And ‘Infinite Pinks’ seems so sadly beautiful. Be proud of your work!

    • Tiffany, Thank you very, very much…I am lucky in that the tulip fields are a 15 minute drive from my house. I head down that way in the evenings and at sunrise, hoping for a crazy sky and lots of drama. Its so much fun to get all muddy shooting, and be immersed in all those bright colors. And once in a while to get a decent shot…

      • It sounds like an incredible way to spend an evening or watch the sunrise! It certainly paid off here.

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