Cutthroat Pass, North Cascades

Cutthroat Pass Panorama Cutthroat Pass Panorama

The hike to Cutthroat Pass is an easy one, both to get to and to hike. The trail leaves from the parking area at the north side of Rainy Pass, along the North Cascades Highway. It’s about 5 miles or so to the top. Along the way there are streams, meadows and higher up, camps.

Cutthroat Pass Trail Cutthroat Pass Trail

Sunrise at Cutthroat Pass Sunrise at Cutthroat Pass

I made the jaunt up to capture some fall colors. We slept on slabs at the top of the pass.

Evening at Cutthroat Pass View from camp atop Cutthroat Pass

Cutthroat Pass sunset View from camp atop Cutthroat Pass

Cutthroat Peak Cutthroat Peak

Milky Way fro  Cutthroat Pass Milky Way from Cutthroat Pass

15 thoughts on “Cutthroat Pass, North Cascades

    • The North Cascades peaks have a lot of awesome names: Mount Terror; Forbidden Peak, Mount Despair, Desolation Peak, Mount Torment, Devils Dome, someone had a lot fun with the names!

    • Slabs of rock! I wanted to spend the night atop the pass where there was a spectacular view, the only (relatively) flat spot was on these big, smooth slabs of rock…

    • No, no tracking device. I have a 24 mm lens, wide open aperture, ISO at its highest level, maybe a 20 to 25 sec exposure. The orange on the horizon was from a forest fire many miles away.

      • Since the first of the year, most of the pics were made with a Lumix GF1 and its kit lens that were gifted to me by a dear friend. The remainder of the images were made with a point and shoot, Canon SX 160. I do have PS3, but I edit in Lightroom 4 because it is quick and easy. The perfect thing for a busy teacher.

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