Sahale Glacier Camp Panoramas

These two shots are from Sahale Glacier Camp in North Cascades National Park. Each image below is composed of 2 shots photomerged in CS 6. I opened the two images to be connected in Camera Raw and synchronized my changes, lightening and darkening the sky and foreground with brushes and then used the automated photomerge option. A first for me and I am pleased with the results!
Sahale Glacier Camp, North Cascades National Park Panorama

Sahale Glacier Camp

14 thoughts on “Sahale Glacier Camp Panoramas

  1. Gorgeous shot! I am interested in knowing how your journey was to this spot and if you were alone or with someone when you took this picture. Is this park in Canada? was it cold when you took this picture? and is that your tent right there?

    • Hello! This camp site is called Sahale Glacier Camp, its is in the North Cascades National Park, in Washington State. I live close by and visit here 1 or 2 times a year. This time I was lucky with the clouds…On this trip I was with one friend, he had never been there before and was astounded! The shot was from last September, there is low snow because of it being late in the season, and the temp in the day is about 20C and at night 5C or so. The hike to this spot from the parking area is about 11km and an elevation gain of 1250 meters. My tent is there, on the right in the one image…

      • Hi! Thank you for replying back to my many questions Andy! I truly appreciate it. I’m on the other side of the border 🙂 hence why I asked if it is in Canada. The next time I come to America- I will definitely go there and check it out! is there free parking? Lucky you that you live so close to such a gorgeous park! It’s awesome you have such a amazing place to go too 1 or 2 times a year. You are a good friend for taking your friend 🙂 you sure are adventurous! tenting out in the cold and hiking 11km and on a elevation of 1250 meters. Thank you so much for sharing your personal story with me behind this picture.

      • No problem, I am always happy to share! the best time to make the trip up there is late July to mid-September. I am always game to head up there, if you want, let me know when you’re gonna head down south this way!

      • Oh that’s great to know! thank you for telling me- it would make for a great summer plan. It is very kind of you to offer to go with, but I would be coming down south with my boyfriend. If I do head down south, I will definitely ask you for some tips and advice!

  2. Beautiful images! I would love to learn how you do this in CS6. I have sunrise images I have been working with hoping for the same results but the lighting is all wrong. Kudos to you! Great shots! And great work!

    • Holy Guacamole! Those sunset images from the coast look pretty awesome! Very nice work!
      I have been teaching photo classes for a while, but have not done any PS classes yet…I would be happy to arrange a time where we could skype or speak on the phone (skype is easier for me, because I have head phones!) when were both at the computer and we could get into CS 6 and work to modify some of your images…if you’re interested, just let me know and we can set a time. (Maybe a dumb question…) Do you capture your images as RAW, or JPEG, or both?

      • Both RAW and JPEG. Thanks for the nice comments! I’m currently traveling across country and don’t have access to my big computer and usual tools. These images are being processed on a VERY old laptop and I’m just hoping they’re okay! When I get back and have time to devote to doing this I will definitely be in touch with you. There’s one sunrise in particular with which I’ve been trying to do what you accomplished but I just don’t know enough to make it right. Thank you, Andy – I’ll be in touch. We should be back home sometime in February. Have a grand weekend!

      • Thanks! This weekend the light should be good, I will spend tomorrow morning working on a new project to capture images of old barns and then head to the mountains for snow-shoeing!
        Sounds like a long trip you’re on…I sure LOVE long trips…are traveling by car?
        Anyway, anytime when you’re home just let me know and we’ll commiserate.
        Happy shooting!

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