Wildflowers of the Goat Rocks Wilderness

The Goat Rocks Wilderness lies along the spine of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. Nestled between Mount Rainier to the north and Mount Adams to the south, the vistas from the Goat Rocks most always include an awesome backdrop.

Mount Rainier and Avalanche Lilies, Goat Rocks Wilderness
Mount Adams from along the PCT, Goat Rocks Wilderness
Mount Rainier and Packwood Lake, Goat Rocks Wilderness

I visited there for the first time this July. The flowers had just bloomed/were just blooming and the colors were so vibrant…
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Happy New Year to anyone viewing and/or reading here…thank you for Being There and Communicating! May you visit and enjoy many amazing places in 2014!
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10 thoughts on “Wildflowers of the Goat Rocks Wilderness

  1. This a an amazing photo! I love mountain views.
    We moved to NZ from the UK . Not near mountains in the far North but we have the sea!
    The south Island has amazing mountain views. Our business stops us going so far south to see our friends but one day!

    • Awesome! I have been seriously thinking of moving there…of course I have never been there, but…
      So, was it hard to emigrate to NZ? It it easier for you, being from the UK?
      I plan to make a visit there in 2014 …
      And thanks for the comment! Washington State is the most amazing part of the US (well, here and the southern part of Utah…) I LOVE the North Cascades, I imagine many similar vistas down your way…

  2. Wow, it seems like you really did visit Goat Rocks at the most perfect time! I visited here the year before last and though it wasn’t prime-time for flowers, the fields of lupine still blew me away. Trying to find some other PNW photographers on WordPress to follow and found your site…… nice place you got here!

    • Thanks! You have an interesting melange of postings, I like it! How old is Oliver now-a-days? Is he old enough to go hiking and overnight camping yet? I have a son, Max, and he’s 9 now. I am hoping to get him up to Sahale Camp this summer. And I definitely plan another trip to the Goat Rocks in late July! Have you done much hiking in the Pasayten?

  3. Thanks Andy. My son Oliver is still shy of two years. My other son (Adam) is six years old and he and I have done oodles of hiking. A little bit of easy backpacking (like staying on the coast) but not a lot……something I definitely want to do more of with him. Sahale Camp would be a pretty amazing trip for your son! I’m certain he’d love staying in one of the rock shelters (or windbreaks, I guess you would call them). Regarding the Pasayten…..sadly, I’ve never been there. I’ve always wanted to explore that area. My boys are still pretty young and they’ve kept me closer to home these past few years.

  4. Lovely pictures! I’m a birdwatcher who is planning to tackle Lewis County in 2018. Hoping to use one of these images in the introductory post explaining “Why Lewis County?” The Goat Rocks are part of a good answer.

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