Sahale Camp Panoramas

Sahale Glacier Camp sits at the base of Sahale glacier atop 3 piles of rubble each crowned with a ring of stone. The views are breathtaking: a 180 degree sweeping view of the North Cascades, a sea of peaks stretching out to the horizon.
Sahale Glacier Campsahale camp sunset Panorama
I have visited many times and tried to capture the feel of the view. Here are several panoramas, some from sunrise, and several from sunset, each comprised of two or more images merged.
Morning at Sahale Glacier Camp 1 emAndyPorter_sahalesunset_LandscapeSahale CampSahale Glacier Camp, North Cascades National Park Panorama Sahale sunrise_Panorama1emMorning at Sahale Glacier Camp 2 em
Sahale 2010Panorama2emMorning at Sahale Camp with visitor

Sahale Glacier Camp Panoramas

These two shots are from Sahale Glacier Camp in North Cascades National Park. Each image below is composed of 2 shots photomerged in CS 6. I opened the two images to be connected in Camera Raw and synchronized my changes, lightening and darkening the sky and foreground with brushes and then used the automated photomerge option. A first for me and I am pleased with the results!
Sahale Glacier Camp, North Cascades National Park Panorama

Sahale Glacier Camp

Sahale Glacier Camp, North Cascades National Park – Sept. 2013

Every year I make the trip from my home in Sedro-Woolley up to Sahale Glacier Camp. And every time I go I am astounded at the wonder of the place…
Untitled_Panorama 4emm

The road up offered this scene, we almost careened off the Cascade River Road so I could stop for this shot.
Cascade River Road em

Cascade Pass is always a busy place, where lots of day-hikers, backpackers and climbers pause…
Pass 7em

Pass 3em

Pass 4em

Pass 5em

Pass 6em

The trail up to the Sahale Camp from Cascade Pass is just stunning…
Arm 7em

Sahale Arm 1 em

sunrise 4 em

I met a group of hikers from Seattle who let me take their picture!
Friends 10 em

Friends 8 em

Each camp spot is surrounded with turret-like stone walls, there is no bad site, all are perfect.
Camp 5em

The sunset was superb.
sunset 1em

sahale 8m
sahale 2em

sahale 4em

sahale 5em

The night was mostly cloudy, but the morning was picture perfect!
Morning at Sahale Glacier Camp 2 em

Untitled_Panorama 3mm em

Morning at Sahale Glacier Camp 1 em

We encountered several black-tail deer on the way back down.
deer em

I can’t wait to return!

The Majestic North Cascades

East of Puget Sound in Washington State the jagged, glacier-clad North Cascades rise skyward.

North Cascades National Park

Sahale Glacier Camp

Due to its abundant rainfall the range boasts some of the deepest snow accumulations in the world, more than 95 feet in one winter. Three quarters of all glaciers in the lower 48 states are here.

Mount Challenger Glacier

Streams and rivers coursing over this terrain give raise to a huge number of waterfalls.

Mount Logan and Waterfall

On the Thunder Creek Trail

Forests of spruce and cedar, hemlock and fir carpet the terrain.

Boundary Trail, Pasayten Wilderness

Horseshoe Basin, North Cascades

When the winter snow melts the meadows are afire with myriad wildflowers.

Wildflowers on Lakeview Ridge

Lupine on Sahale Arm

Wildlife abounds, black bears, bald eagles, deer and marmots, to name but a few, grace the land. Grizzlies, wolverines and wolves are reported with increasing frequency.

Black Bear

Deer at Cascade Pass

Autumn creates a riot of colors. Larches turn bright orange, vine maples explode in reds and yellows.

Cathedral Peak

Amphitheater Mountain

Maple Pass
The best months to visit are July to September.

See you on the trail!

Arriving at Copper Ridge, North Cascades National Park