Sahale Glacier Camp, North Cascades National Park – Sept. 2013

Every year I make the trip from my home in Sedro-Woolley up to Sahale Glacier Camp. And every time I go I am astounded at the wonder of the place…
Untitled_Panorama 4emm

The road up offered this scene, we almost careened off the Cascade River Road so I could stop for this shot.
Cascade River Road em

Cascade Pass is always a busy place, where lots of day-hikers, backpackers and climbers pause…
Pass 7em

Pass 3em

Pass 4em

Pass 5em

Pass 6em

The trail up to the Sahale Camp from Cascade Pass is just stunning…
Arm 7em

Sahale Arm 1 em

sunrise 4 em

I met a group of hikers from Seattle who let me take their picture!
Friends 10 em

Friends 8 em

Each camp spot is surrounded with turret-like stone walls, there is no bad site, all are perfect.
Camp 5em

The sunset was superb.
sunset 1em

sahale 8m
sahale 2em

sahale 4em

sahale 5em

The night was mostly cloudy, but the morning was picture perfect!
Morning at Sahale Glacier Camp 2 em

Untitled_Panorama 3mm em

Morning at Sahale Glacier Camp 1 em

We encountered several black-tail deer on the way back down.
deer em

I can’t wait to return!

7 thoughts on “Sahale Glacier Camp, North Cascades National Park – Sept. 2013

  1. I am constantly in awe of your shots Andy. I’ve seen you mention your workshops locally, but all I have is a simple NIKON pocket COOLPIX, which has served me well for several years. I think I’ll just show up at your next workshop, and learn what I can to maybe invest in a more sophisticated machine! I’ve become one of your loyal fans. Dan

    • Dan, Thanks a LOT. I really appreciate your feedback, your encouraging and funny comments and I look forward to meeting you! I will definitely be scheduling classes for this fall, am working on a venue now. If you were to attend some photo classes what best, weeknights or weekends? And if weeknights, which day(s) of the week are the most viable. Where abouts do you live?

      • Hi again Andy,
        We live in Mill Creek, in a quiet condo neighborhood called Mill Lane. We also own a place down in southern CO, near a small one-horse town called Westcliffe. We head down there in early Feb. for the 2nd half of the ski season, and wait for the sun to return to the PNW in May or June! Two of my childhood friends from PA live down there year-round, and keep an eye on our place when we’re elsewhere. We also like to take side trips from CO to other points SW. Skiing, jeep rides, hiking and fishing keep me busy down there.
        As for preferred times for your classes …. I’m retired, so “Every day’s a Sat.”. I just try to avoid driving anywhere in the Seattle area, before 9AM and after 3PM on weekdays! Just put the word out when the next classes are, and I will make it …..if I’m not babysitting the grandkids! We are headed to Hawaii in mid-Oct. to meet up with some of our CO friends. Andy, it’s clear you don’t let the moss grow on your boots, and I notice from your blogs that you know better than most ….”LIFE ain’t no Rehearsal”. Keep on Truckin’ ……Cheers, Dan

      • Grew up in Williamsport, PA …the home of Little League Baseball. Left there in 1968 when I joined the Air Force. Looking forward to meeting you at your next class. D

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