Fall Colors, Larches, Cathedral Peak and Amphitheater Mountain

The rain has set in and the days are short. Avoiding boredom necessitates a little creativity, which for me includes revisiting past hikes, editing images and trying to fashion a reasonable representation of a place.

The approach is from Tonasket, west to Loomis and then up the Toats Coulee Road to the Iron Gate Trail head.

The sky was blue and trees bright.
Iron Gate road trees em Iron Gate Trail Head Trees

The trip along the Boundary Trail (Doubling as the Pacific Northwest Trail) offer long vistas, green forests and in early October, brilliant orange larch.
Boundary Trail larch 1 em Boundary Trail

windy peak sky Windy Peak

The trail is a lot of fun, the old Tungsten Mine is an interesting place to explore, and Apex Pass provides sweeping views of Remmel Mountain and the east side the of Amphitheater Mountain.
Boundary Trail larch 3 em Remmel Mountain
The larch inhabit a band between 6,000 and 7,000 feet of elevation.
Boundary Trail larch 6 em Amphitheater Mountain

Arriving at Cathedral Pass its a short stroll down to water and reflective views!
Boundary Trail larch 302 em Cathedral Pass
Not a bad place to camp!
Boundary Trail larch 8 em Cathedral Peak

Boundary Trail larch 12 em Amphitheater Mountain, Reflected in a snow-melt pond

Heading down a little ways to Upper Cathedral Lake just before sunset provides all you need for a true orgy of picture taking!
Boundary Trail larch 28 m1

Boundary Trail larch 29 m1

Boundary Trail larch 303 em

Back up at the camp site the setting sun made the trees look even more afire!
Boundary Trail larch 7 em

Boundary Trail larch 11 em

Boundary Trail larch 13 em

The sensory overload was fun! Boundary Trail larch 5 em

Boundary Trail larch 18 em

The hike back provided more changes in colors…
IMG_0242hdr 1em

The trees along the road had a decidedly different look after only 4 days…
iron gate Road em

9 thoughts on “Fall Colors, Larches, Cathedral Peak and Amphitheater Mountain

  1. Beautiful. The photograph with the black rick in the center of the water is like an optical illusion. It looks as if the rock is levitating above the water or a shadow of something above the water. It’s fun to play with that image. The beauty of the land is brought out in all its glory by your lovely pictures.

  2. What were your dates for doing this. A friend and I started the east Pasayten loop this sept., but got called back due to a death in his family a day Into the hike. We are planning on going at it this coming year, but want to get the optimum time to catch the larch trees turning. Your pictures are very inspiring and cause one to dream of the coming hiking season with much anticipation

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