Pasayten Wilderness, Summer and Fall

I had the good fortune to make it to the Upper Cathedral Lakes Basin twice in one year! The views of Cathedral Peak and Amphitheater Mountain are stunning. When I visited in summer I noted the abundance of larch and so returned in fall to see the color explosion. Here are some images showcasing the changes between July 14th and October 2nd.

Amphitheater Mountain Reflected Cathedral Peak, Pasayten Wilderness 3em

Boundary Trail larch 7 em

Cathedral Peak from Upper Cathedral Lake, July 2010em

Boundary Trail larch 28 m1

Amphitheater Mountain Cathedral Peak, Pasayten Wilderness 7em

Boundary Trail larch 11 em

Amphitheater Mountain Cathedral Peak, Pasayten Wilderness 6em

Boundary Trail larch 22 em

These last two images were both taken while on the October trip, the first on the way in and the second, from the same spot, on the way home!

Iron Gate road trees em

iron gate Road em

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