On the Pacific Crest Trail in the Pasayten Wilderness

Heading north on the Pacific Crest Trail from Slate Peak the trail slowly looses altitude on its way down to Holman Pass.
Wildflowers on the Pacific Crest Trail at Jim Pass in the Pasayten Wilderness
Sunset at Jim Pass
Here is a junction with the western option heading towards Devils Dome and trail to the east down to the Pasayten River. Continuing north the trail gains all the altitude you just lost, popping out of the forest into the splendid meadows just below Goat Lakes.
There is a dependable spring here and camping in the meadows is spectacular.
Parade Ground Panorama
Meadows just below tiny Goat Lakes
Continuing the trail makes a sweeping arc as it climbs to Rock Pass. Powder Mountain.
Wildflowers on the PCT sky
Powder Mountain
Wildflowers and Powder Mountain
The view from Rock Pass is unsurpassed.
Rock Pass Panorama
Rock Pass Panorama
Dropping down several switchbacks the trail traverses the north-facing slopes on its way to Woody Pass. here the snow lingers late into the season.
Ascending Rock Pass on the Pacific Crest Trail
After climbing again to the notch of Woody Pass the trail now swings to the western side of the Cascade Crest in its way to the highest point of the trail on this section at Lakeview Ridge.
Rock Pass
Rock Pass, seen from Woody Pass
The views, the flowers, from the ridge are impossible to beat. snow abounds until mid or late August and camping here is incredible.
Flowers on Lakeview Ridge
Atop Lakeview Ridge
Three Fools Peak and wildflowers rev
Three Fools Peak
Its a 25 mile hike here from the parking area at Slate Peak, one of the very best out and back trips in the North Cascades.
wildflowers at sunset

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