Earth Day 2015

Earth Day

What is Earth Day all about?

We live on a cool planet.


Mount Rainier

It’s beautiful.

Evening Light

Point of the Arches

There are mountains.

Colchuck Lake, Enchantments

Colchuck Lake, Enchantments


Washington Park, Anacortes

Washington Park, Anacortes



Bridge over Skagit River

Bridge over Skagit River



Skagit Tulips




Pacific Crest Trail, Pasayten Wilderness


AndyPorter_deer_ wildlife

Deer at Cascade Pass



boys a

Atop Maple Pass


and LOTS more.


Park Butte Lookout


Lets try harder to not fuck it up!

Snow Geese on Fir Island, Skagit Valley

Snow Geese on Fir Island, Skagit Valley


Skagit Valley



Spider Meadows






20 thoughts on “Earth Day 2015

      • You once said to my compatriots…

        “In life there are so many things that need your attention:
        repairs in the apartment in which you live for several years,
        the health of your body in which you live your whole life,
        yourself with whom you live forever,
        Well, what you choose to give priority to…”

        And in this series and would like to add our planet: how many lives we still have to live on it, and how this house is beautiful and fragile and requires care too 🙂

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