Glacier Peak Wilderness – Liberty Cap

Last August I hiked the Spider Meadow – Buck Creek Pass Loop.

Spider Meadows, Glacier Peak Wilderness

Spider Meadows, Glacier Peak Wilderness

What a glorious hike!

We started at Spider Meadows,

And ended the trip at Buck Creek Pass.

Glacier Peak

Glacier Peak

We arrived at the Pass early in the day and waited for the sun to cool off a bit before we ascended the slopes of Liberty Cap and scouted for a place to camp with a view of Glacier Peak. This image is from that night.

The next morning before sunrise we made our way south along the ridge line, heading for High Pass.

The views of Glacier Peak were magnificent. sumptuous wildflowers and greener than green meadows invited us to relax and breathe in the air.

10 thoughts on “Glacier Peak Wilderness – Liberty Cap

  1. What a gorgeous hike. Thanks for sharing. Jean

    On Sun, May 10, 2015 at 8:22 PM, North Western Images – photos by Andy

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