Liberty Bell Mountain, North Cascades

Any trip over the North Cascades Highway necessitates a stop at the Washington Pass Lookout.
Liberty Bell Reflected from the Washington Pass Overlook, Highway 20, North Cascades Highway
Located at the highest point along the highway, at more than 5,400 ft elevation, Washington Pass Overlook offers stunning views of Liberty Bell and Early Winter Spires.
Liberty Bell from North Cascades Highway
This section of the North Cascades Highway makes for one of the most scenic drives in Washington and is a part of the Cascade Loop Scenic Highway
Liberty Bell Panorama em
I have stopped there many times on the way to or from hikes in the Pasayten Wilderness. Each time the mountain shows a different countenance. Silver Star Mountain is also clearly in view from the Washington Pass Lookout. Silver Star Mtn em
Sunset Washington Pass

After Mount Shuksan I would have to guess that Liberty Bell is one of the most photographed mountains in the state, due to its stark beauty and easy access to the lookout area.

Several trips I have made to Washington Pass only to capture images, at sunrise, sunset and on clear starless nights!
liberty bell 1 mod emLiberty Bell Headlights againlb110em

Liberty Bell 1001am 1

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    • The puddle I created for the reflection was about 2 feet wide…I found a snow melt stream and used a plastic bag to ferry water to it so I could get the reflection…came out good!

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