Photo Shoot at Crystal Mountain Resort

Last summer my friend asked me to come along on a nighttime imaging expedition. The plan was to capture images of Mount Rainier from the Crystal Mountain Resort.

Crystal Resort 2015 6

Mr Rainier and early evening light


Crystal resort 2

Gondola and Mount Rainier


The expedition aspect turned out to be pretty mild, we rode the gondola up to the resort and hung around all night, eating, drinking and once in a while taking pictures of the wonderful views!

Crystal Resort 2015 7

Preparing for photo action!


Mount Rainier just after sunset

Mount Rainier just after sunset

Here are images of the night’s activities!

crystal people 1

Evening light at Crystal Resort

Crystal Resort 2015 1

View from the Crystal Resort Restaurant


Crystal resort 1

Capturing snap shots in the evening light


Crystal Resort 2015 3

Milky Way


Crystal Resort 2015 4

Gondola Station


Crystal and signs

Directions to Summit House


MR 101 horiz

Mount Rainier



Mount Rainier from Crystal Mountain


mr 101

Milky Way above Mount Rainier


25 thoughts on “Photo Shoot at Crystal Mountain Resort

  1. The photos are absolutly stunning and beautiful! I love the first one but they are all so nice! I hate to bother you but how do you manage the photos to be so clear? And – if it is not a secret – what was the specs and which camera and glass do you use to have so nice photos (of course I am not forgetting the man behind equipment too). Congrats, so nice!

    • All questions are welcome, no problema. I use a Canon 6D camera and I have 2 lenses, a Canon 24-105 mm lens and a Rokinon 14mm lens.
      I shoot in the RAW format, use a polarizer in the daytime, and a tripod in the low light and nighttime. The canon lens I shoot on auto focus, the rokinon lens is manual focus only.
      I have the camera on manual mode, and set exposure manually, always bracketing shots. Usually I am at f/11 to f/16, sometimes different.
      I do not have or use a flash.
      Editing is done in photoshop cs6.
      I hope all this helps!!! Feel free to ask anything, best,

    • Its near Mount Rainier National Park, in Washington State. There is a ski area there, Crystal Mountain Resort. Its open even in the summer (not for skiing, just for hiking) and you can ride the gondola up to the spot where we go the images. Washington Stte is full of such places!

      • Do you have any photos from the East Tennessee area around Bristol or the Tri – Cities? I live in the tri – city area and i used to hike all the time. Now i am in high school and involved in the school a lot and i just miss the outdoors so much.

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