Wilderness Photo Exhibition at the Smithsonian

To commemorate 50th anniversary of the signing of the Wilderness Act the Wilderness 50 Coalition established a photo contest. The winners and honorable mentions, more than 100 images in all, are now on display at the Smithsonian!
Here is the link to the Wilderness Forever site.

I was lucky enough to have an image chosen as an honorable mention! Here it is.

Sunrise, Steven Mather Wilderness - North Cascades National Park

Sunrise, Steven Mather Wilderness – North Cascades National Park

I have never had any images win any thing or get chosen for any exhibition, and I must say its quite an honor. The winning images are really stunning. My favorite is the Milky Way shot over Second Beach in Olympic National Park. But have a look for yourself!

And here is a link to the Smithsonian web site where you can vote for your favorites!

12 thoughts on “Wilderness Photo Exhibition at the Smithsonian

  1. After working many seasons rebuilding the trail up Sahale Arm in the early 90’s, this shot grabbed me like no other. So much so, that a dear friend in Scotland (who also worked on that trail) has now received it for his recent wedding gift. Thanks for capturing the magic!

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