Point of the Arches and Shi Shi Beach, Olympic National Park

Fantastic weather and a waning moon brought me to the coast on Saturday in another attempt to capture some decent nighttime images.

poa tree em

poa sunset 10 em
Sunset comes before starlight.

shi shi night1em
This image is facing north along Shi Shi Beach. There were probably 30 people camping along its arc. Several campfires interspersed…The orange glare is from the settlement of Neah Bay.

poa night 2em
Here are the sea stacks of Point of the Arches with a starry crown.

rocks em
Morning presented some sumptuous lighting…
poa pool em
poa panorama em

3 thoughts on “Point of the Arches and Shi Shi Beach, Olympic National Park

  1. My brain can’t process how so much beauty can be captured in one picture. It is literally breathtaking and I hope to see something as magnificent as this one day. My favorite is a tie between the tree on the rock and the beautiful night sky and orange glare.

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