Skagit County Sunsets

Skagit County is in the northwest corner of Washington State. Sunsets in the valley are magnificent, full of hue and texture. Expanses of sky, fields of flowers (and/or mud!), barns and tulips, its a great place to capture colors. sunset 1

Yellow tulips em

barn 2 em

Barn Sunset Nov 3 2011 em



Early Morning, Skagit Valley Tulip Fields1em

lines into the sunset

Pink sunset 4em

river sunset em

Row of Red Tulips em

barn 1em

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 17 rev.



Sunset 1hdrem

sunset 2

Sunset 4

sunset em

Sunset Jan 5 2012 3

Sunset Oct. 16th rev2

sunset through an open window

sunset water

Orange sky, pink tulips

trees 2em


wash park2

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