Maple Pass Loop, North Cascades

Escaping the inane demands related to income production is like fighting shadows. The barriers seem substantive until you shine some light towards them and call bullshit on the strangle hold they have, at which time you’re free.

Well… free for the afternoon anyway!

We arrived at the Rainy Pass parking area at 3:30. In 5 minutes we were on the trail heading up to Maple Pass. It was Thursday afternoon and there were few people on the trail, mostly on the downhill part of their hike.

It felt good to stretch the legs. And even better to be with out a big pack.

Driven by the urgency to catch the sunlight we flew up to Maple Pass. Pushing on towards the light just over the ridge.

Approaching the crest Lake Ann came into view with its distinctive foot shaped island, the meadows near her outlet stream aglow in the sun.

Lake Ann, North Cascades

The angle of the sun was now providing some illumination on the ridges to the east, the orange accent of larches highlighting the edges…

View from Maple Pass

North Cascades in the Evening Light

And we made it! The sun was now well above the horizon, igniting the fires of inspiration. All of the colors bright and vibrant, urgent and insistent, soothing and satisfying, the hair-line of perfection.

Textures appeared, foot prints on the dry trail…

Along the Ridge near Maple Pass

Maple Pass Loop Trail

Orange and yellow against the backdrop of blue…

Maple Pass Loop

Larch on the Maple Pass Loop Trail

We lolly-gagged along the ridge cooling off from the sprint upwards, warming up from the cool breezes, alternately staring at the beauty of the North Cascades, scurrying about looking for the best viewpoint /angle of light and basking in the glory of it all…

We made it to the highest point of the trail. the light was fast fading and so we headed down the switchbacks toward Rainy Lake and the car…

Switchbacks headed down from Maple Pass

Pausing here and there for more parting shots.

On the trail down from Maple Pass

Happy trails!

Maple Pass Panorama

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