Flickr Milestone – 2 Million Views!

I began using Flickr to showcase my images in 2007. It has been a successful site for me, I have sold many images to web site and publishers that they discovered from the Flickr Page.

Here is the link.

Last week I surpasses 2,000,000 views!

The first million views took 7 years, the second million, only 2!

Flickr is easy to use, uploading is fast, and I can create albums and galleries to gather groupings of images for submissions.

Flickr also has a cool feature called Explore, where the best 100 images are culled each day.

I have been lucky, more than 30 of my images have made it into Explore. here is the one that pushed me over the 2,000,000 mark.

Spider Meadows Wildflowers 6


10 thoughts on “Flickr Milestone – 2 Million Views!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS on the First 500, First 1,000 the First 10,000, the First 1,000,000, now the second 1,000,000….There is MORE ahead…..May the Delight, Surprise Joy, Calm, Pleasure and the “Aauuuahuuu” you have given to so many- continue to be returned- ten fold. Do NOT allow “Success” to diminish your Love of Photography and Nature… I carried a stupid ‘Milk weed Bloom with me for Years…A reminder…Be Humble, enjoy GOD’s Fights for I can NOT create even a Lowly milk weed nor the Bloom…. May your next 1,000,000. views be accomplished in 6 mo. May You get MUD on your Lens, Sweat in Your Eyes, Nats in your Ear, Wasp on your Neck….. and… “”””GOT IT….!!!”””””” at least every other Week…..LOL… This Ol’ Sailor from the Foothils of N.E. GA.. is Proud to received so many GIFTS from such a Professional Photographer. May the Master Lead, Guide and Protect You and Yours. May His Creations, Creatures and the Wonders of Nature always be visable for your Captures….. Remember the Lens Cover..!!!

  2. Congratulations on your impressive numbers, Andy ā€” they’re very well-deserved! I expect it will take only a few months before you’re informing us you’ve surpassed the three million mark. šŸ™‚

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