Skagit Valley Barn at Sunset

Skagit Valley Barn at Sunset

There is something about an old, weathered wooden barn that captures the imagination. I guess barns in general are cool, but to grab attention the barn needs to be made of wood AND look like its seem a bit too many winters.

That gives it a certain character, a personality. barns re great photo subjects anytime. Autumn is always a wonderful barn season, with the fall colors. But for me, spring is the time! Bright green meadows and fantastically colorful skies  make a barn image complete!

There are many barns strewn through the Skagit Valley and I was lucky to catch one of my favorites on a night just right for picture taking!

BTW, if you have an interest in capturing Night Sky Images with old barns and buildings, this coming new moon, June 4th, I am leading a night sky class to Eastern Washington to capture Milky Way images and old abandoned buildings. Here is the link for more info!

4 thoughts on “Skagit Valley Barn at Sunset

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  2. Interesting subjects, epic clouds and terrific light from a sunset/rise are the recipe for outstanding images. You’ve demonstrated that well here. Lovely images; it has been a pleasure viewing them.

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