Longest Night of the Year


Palouse Falls

Longest Night of the Year

Tonight is the longest night of the year (assuming you live on the northern hemisphere)

The creeping darkness has reached its apex.

Mt Baker Stars Nov

Mount Baker from Park Butte Lookout

Tomorrow the days begin to lengthen.

For now, night rules.

But who ever said that darkness was a bad thing?

It provides the opportunity to observe the starry heavens and witness, with awe, the strip of the Milky Way.

Gazing in towards the center of our galaxy one can imagine its black hole, there at the core, consuming light .

And then you remember (in case you ever forgot) that it’s awesome to be alive.

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Happy Solstice!


9 thoughts on “Longest Night of the Year

  1. I thought our view here was great, but WOW! Makes me want to camp out among the wolves just to see that sky! I especially love the one with the waterfall and what appears to be fire? Amazing, always amazing! 🙂

    • Yes, when there is no moon and no clouds it is really amazing out here. Of course that doesn’t happen often! The water fall (Palouse Falls) did have a camp fire at its base the night I was there…very lucky I was!

      • Wow, that sounds like a monster of a camera. I’m a Canon fan. Have to save my pennies and get a big one someday.

        Nonstop rain for a month? We don’t have that, but have some crazy warm weather. The old timers were calling for an awful winter. Supposed to be 60 here on Christmas. Bet when the rain breaks, you’ll be finding some more awesome shots!

      • Yes, the clearer weather will come with the New Year and I’ll get back outside… We really needed the rain, and mountain snow, so its all good. Happy New Year!

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