Washington State Ferry Sunrise

Washington State Ferry Sunrise

Not long ago I got lucky. I made a reservation to ride the ferry from Coupeville  (on Whidbey Island) to Port Townsend (on the Olympic Peninsula).

My final destination was Olympic National Park and I wanted to catch the earliest ferry in the morning to allow me more time frolicking on the beach.

I arose at 5am and made a beeline for the ferry. My arrival at the ferry terminal was just before sunrise. The dissolving  darkness progressed from a solely black and white light show to Technicolor.

Ferry 4 Ferry 5

Its amazing how fast the colors materialize…and disappear. I managed to get a few shots of purple, violet and magenta clouds as they enveloped the world.

So wrapped up in the orgy of color was I that the ferry was almost missed!

Dashing to board at the last second my dream morning of orange, yellow, pink, blue (oh, what blues!) and countless shades of wonder beckoned me,  and I followed.

Wandering about the ship, through the cabins, onto the decks, down the stairs, back and forth and through.

It was a wondrous adventure of sky and sea, colors and textures, a very magical moment.




10 thoughts on “Washington State Ferry Sunrise

  1. It’s almost like the sky follows you around with a palette and brushes. Amazing colors… I always go back to the same thing, what a gift to see photographs. Thank goodness way back when someone invented the camera. 🙂

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