Mount Baker and the Park Butte Lookout

The Park Butte Lookout is a decommissioned fire lookout from decades past. Perched on a precipice along a ridge on the south side of Mount Baker the lookout commands a wide view of the North Cascades.

Now maintained by the Skagit Alpine Club the lookout is open to the public and if you wish, you can spend th night there.

Which is what I did a few days ago, I hiked up, hoping to get images of the night sky and Milky Way.

But, alas, it was not to be, after sunset the clouds rolled in.

Evening at Park Butte Lookout Mt Baker from Park Butte Lookout 2 Mt Baker from Park Butte Lookout Nooksack Valley from Park Butte Lookout

25 thoughts on “Mount Baker and the Park Butte Lookout

  1. Andy, thanks for these amazing photos. My husband Richard Studebaker was a lookout there in the late 1950’s during college summers. He always loved it, even the lightening storms, where you had to sit on insulated stools until the storm went by. We backpacked in and stayed overnight a couple of times. He was there about the time Jack Kerouac was at another lookout…all the lookouts would talk on the radio at night for some social time. Our son Jeffrey was amazed when he read Dharma Bums, and saw his dad’s name as one of the briefly-mentioned radio characters. Eileen Andersen Studebaker

    • Hi Eileen, Wow, wow, wow! That’s cool! Yes, I know the lookouts all have a rich history. Its great to hear more stories about them and the people who manned them. I have stayed there about 10 times, overnight and each time is a unique experience.

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