Using Lines in Landscape Imaging

When composing a landscape shot there are many cool things to look for: a dramatic sky, any sort of reflection, a near and far effect and any lines which can pull the viewer into and around or through the image.

Lines present themselves with surprising regularity. I have not mastered the use of lines yet, by any stretch, but I love working to incorporate them into my compositions.

As I do a lot of backpacking and hiking trails are an often used line…
Andyporter_ Sahale hiker 2

Arriving at Copper Ridge Lookout North Cascades National Park

It seems to me that the zig-zaggy lines work better then the straight ones…
cr 4em

The image below benefits from a diagonal line originating at the lower left corner.
Ascending Rock Pass

Of course roads already have lines painted on them and make a simple target! mount baker road em

Here mud and stone provide lines into the light…
lines into the sunset

Sunset 6, Point of the Arches, Olympic National Park

During Tulip Festival the opportunities for capturing lines amongst the rows is endless.
infinite pinks em

reds reflected em

poa 1em

or curved…
Skagit Valley from Sauk Mountain

lines add a powerful dimension to any image!

Here is a link to the next series of classes! Look for a Photoshop Class Coming soon!

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