The Enchantments is an area with in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, near Leavenworth, Washington.

Crammed into a small area there are myriad lakes, tarns and jagged peaks. One of the many allures of the Enchantments are the larches which turn bright orange and yellow in the fall. The juxtaposition of (hopefully) blue skies, green spruce, orange larch and as we encountered, white snow, is a wonder on the eyes!

To camp overnight requires a permit. To get a permit involves entering a lottery and hoping for good luck!

Earlier this year I decided to apply for the permits and was lucky enough to win a permit for October. However the weather at the start of October was horrific, high winds, a veritable deluge of rain and in the upper alpine zones, snow. By the time my allotted time came around things started to brighten up, and so, off I went.

enchatments 1em Parking area

enchatments 2em Foot Bridge at the start…

enchatments 3em Fall Colors on the way up

I managed to recruit two hardy souls to come along and we headed over Stevens Pass to Leavenworth and on up to the Snow Lakes Trail head. the first days hike was a little more than 10 miles and 4,000feet of elevation gain and we camped out on a sand bar along the shore of Upper Snow Lake.
enchatments 7em Upper Snow Lake
Day two brought partly sunny skies and we hoisted our heavy packs for the 4 mile hike up to Lake Viviane. The trail was steep in spots and there was much snow. The area around the lake was very windy, and it took some time to find a flat, sheltered place for the tent.
enchatments 20em Lake Viviane

enchatments 11em Lake Viviane

enchatments 19em Lake Viviane
The snow was as much as 2 to 3 feet deep in places. But so many people had traveled over the path that hiking was relatively easy.

At night I tried a few starry sky shots…
enchatments 14em

enchatments 12em

The 3rd day we awoke early to more sun and clouds and headed further up, on towards the Upper Lakes.
enchatments 37em

enchatments 22em

enchatments 27em

enchatments 34em

The mix of clouds, sky, larch and snow was perfect.
enchatments 41em

enchatments 24em

enchatments 26em

enchatments 36em

enchatments 40em

Leprechaun Lake was especially photogenic!
enchatments 32em

enchatments 30em

enchatments 31em

By late afternoon the skies looked decidedly dark and so we made our way back down to Upper Snow Lake and back to the car the next day…

I am definitely planning on entering the lottery again for the next years hiking season!

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