Liberty Bell, North Cascades and the Milky Way

I took these images last night, about midnight, at the Washington Pass Overlook on the North Cascades Highway. The mountain in the foreground is Liberty Bell.
Set the camera at f/4, 8 to 10 seconds and an ISO of 25,600.
Captured as RAW images and some slight mods with PS 6.
stars 16em


stars 3 em

stars 6 em

stars 7 em

stars 8 em

3 thoughts on “Liberty Bell, North Cascades and the Milky Way

  1. It is amazing how much Light Pollution there is TODAY (NIGHT.) even in the Middle of Death Valley, walking from Bad Water Basin..The Sky Line is Flooded with Lights From Vegas, Lone Pine, San Fran, and even as far away as L.A.. Adults and School Children are amazed at the Night Stars, Milky Way, Northern Star, Orin, etc if they ever get far enough away from the ‘CITY” Thanks for REMINDING viewers of Your Great Presentations, that the Night Sky is a FANTASTIC place to Visit and do not forget to travel along a MOON Beam and Dream…it sure quickens the Dumb-ed down minds of Electronic Masters. You may be awakening Future “THINKERS”….Thanks again, again, again……….

    On Thu, Jul 4, 2013 at 3:55 PM, North Western Images – photos by Andrew

  2. beautiful, thank reminded me of my trip to the Pacific NW in 2004, incredibly beautiful, wild country. The Olympic peninsula is unforgettable

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