Hidden Valley, Zion National Park

Along Zion Valley Road the tourist bus makes many stops. Trailheads lead up to all sorts of fabulous places. One of the stops, “Weeping Rock” has trails leading to Observation Point, Weeping Rock and Hidden Valley.
Climbing up the switchbacks which have been cleverly crafted into the cliff face one reaches a junction and veers right, up into Hidden Canyon.
What a wonderful place to spend an afternoon exploring! A sandy floor hemmed in by wonderfully colored rock walls…Zion is truly a gem, a fantastically diverse park full of surprises. Hidden Canyon Rock Formations em This formation is on the underside of a rock overhang…not sure how it got there…

Hidden Canyon 1em Walls in Hidden Canyon

Hidden Canyon hikers close up em Grotto full of hikers: Joe, Max and Sveta

Hidden Canyon Rock Formations Close up Close-up of the upside-down hole…

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