RAW Image Manipulation

Between mundane tasks like work and exercise I try to entertain myself by studying PS books and navigating the mental fog to apply new techniques for image manipulation.
My most recent “new” technique are the brushes in Camera RAW.
Here is an image in its untouched state: IMG_5601

And here is the finished version.
poa 1002em

After opening the image in Camera RAW and hitting “auto” for the exposure setting almost all the additional changes were made with the brushes, altering saturation, clarity, contrast and exposure on various sections, one at a time.

Its a new way to bring out colors and textures. The image is taken at Point of the Arches, Olympic National Park.

Point of the Arches and Shi Shi Beach, Olympic National Park

I have camped at many places. Sometimes you find a spot with such beauty, such a personality that you fall in love.

Point of the Arches is one of those places for me. When the tide is out the beach stretches beyond the sea stacks. Wandering among the tide pools, excited to see what’s next, I am astounded at how much things change each time I visit, yet stay the same.

The sound of the waves, first muted and now roaring create a soundtrack that calms and thrills. The gulls and wind add their parts to the symphony.

A fire at night and the feel of sand and smoke.

The stars and darkness crashing.

Perched on the edge. Taking it all in.

poa 5em

poa 9em

poa 21em

poa 11em

poa 17em

poa 18em

poa 20em

poa 22em

poa 8em

poa 23em

poa 24em

poa 16em

poa 12em

poa 19em

First Beach, Olympic Coast

The pacific coast along the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State has several magnificent beaches. The weather is often unsettled and dramatic. Clouds and wind, crashing waves and stormy seas, its a feast for the senses.

There are several Native American towns there on the coast, Neah Bay to the north and La Push further south, west of the town of Forks. Both have resorts run by the local tribes where you can rent rooms and cabins and enjoy the scenery.

First Beach is part of the La Push Resort. The wide, arcing beach is capped at both ends by towering sea stacks.

It’s a photographers dream!

First Beach Reflection
First Beach Reflection

Driftwood Stump
Driftwood Stump

First Beach Line on the Sand
First Beach Line on the Sand

Gallery of Images on Ecology.Com!

Ecology.com is a fantastic site dedicated to Planet Earth.

The ECOLOGY Global Network™ Mission Statement: “To use the modern tools of information and communication to inform, educate and inspire the global community to respect, restore and protect our natural and human world, and to encourage all people to become stewards of the environment in which we live.”

Recently I was contacted by Jane Engelsiepen, Executive Editor, and invited to create a gallery of images for their EcoArts page.

For me, this was quite an honor and I am very proud to be included on their site!

Here is a link to the Gallery, “The Beaches of Olympic National Park”