RAW Image Manipulation

Between mundane tasks like work and exercise I try to entertain myself by studying PS books and navigating the mental fog to apply new techniques for image manipulation.
My most recent “new” technique are the brushes in Camera RAW.
Here is an image in its untouched state: IMG_5601

And here is the finished version.
poa 1002em

After opening the image in Camera RAW and hitting “auto” for the exposure setting almost all the additional changes were made with the brushes, altering saturation, clarity, contrast and exposure on various sections, one at a time.

Its a new way to bring out colors and textures. The image is taken at Point of the Arches, Olympic National Park.

6 thoughts on “RAW Image Manipulation

    • I found the basic controls rather easy and was using them for a while and then found a book/magazine called “Photo Editing – A guide for beginners” at Barnes and Noble and that has open my eyes immensely, now I off into a whole new world! Of course the thing with Photoshop is that it seems that no matter how much I know there is always like 1,000 time more to know!!

      • I’ll have to check out that book! I’m completely self taught at editing and don’t find Photoshop to be intuitive. Maybe the book will make a light bulb go off for me!

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