Cashmere, Washington

Just back from a Cascade Loop Road Trip to Cashmere.

Located on the Cascade Loop along Highway 2, Cashmere is about 20 minutes east of Leavenworth and about the same distance down to Wenatchee.

I stayed the night at the Cascade Valley Inn. The images speak for themselves!

Panorama from Cascade Valley Inn, April 2018

Spring is very pleasant here, my visit to Cashmere was wonderful!

Here are a few more images from around town.

No trip to Cashmere is complete without a visit to Aplets and Cotlets! I arrived just in time for the tour!

2 thoughts on “Cashmere, Washington

  1. This looks like a relaxing, fun little adventure! My grandparents’ neighbor was a big fan of Aplets and Cotlets (even though they’d get hopelessly gooey in Florida’s humidity) — so it was a treat to see where they’re made. Now you have me craving some for old times’ sake. 🙂 Anyway … great post, as always!

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