More Tulip Images!

I went out to the tulip fields before sunrise, managed to get a decent image with the stars, of you look closely you can see the arc of the Milky Way!

2 thoughts on “More Tulip Images!

    • Andy is a magnificent photographer who brings out the beauty in our world 🌎 through a camera. I have followed Andy Porter for years online, and although I take pretty good photographs with my own camera, it’s amazing to see a different viewpoint and the spectacular world in which we live in. I have visited so many places and he has photographed and I love looking at his work /art. His attention to detail and knowledge of how to take the right shot in such demanding outdoor environments is inspiring. I’m thankful for people like Andy who bring the beauty of our wilderness to all who take the time to look around.

      Sometimes I’m not so great with words, and My sentences run long, but I am truly grateful for Andy. He’s taught me many things about how to take good photographs and I appreciate him.

      12 years ago I was in a horrific auto accident which has limited my ability to get out and about. It was looking at many websites including Andy’s that helped keep me going and to appreciate my life and to strive to get back out there in the wilderness. Thanks Andy-I appreciate you.

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