Govan Schoolhouse, Wilbur, Washington

The Govan Schoolhouse is an abandoned 2-story school located near Wilbur Wa.

All of its windows are long gone and the roof is mostly just some slats. I brought along several lanterns to use inside the school to illuminate it, to make it glow a bit.

The orientation of the building to the Milky Way was not perfect, but I made the best of it.

This image is a photomerge of two shots, then edited as a HDR image, with Photomatix, then edited a bit more in Camera Raw, and then Photoshop.


3 thoughts on “Govan Schoolhouse, Wilbur, Washington

  1. My goodness, Andy … I would indeed say you made the best of it! Your illumination of the old schoolhouse is just perfect — it is at once both slightly eerie and inviting. Beautiful, beautiful image.

  2. Absolutely stunning! Very impressed, wish I could take images like that! You have certainly inspired me.

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