Diablo Overlook Night Sky

Last night I was leading a Night Sky Photography Class at the North Cascades Institute.

The class went very well, due in major part to the clear skies we were lucky enough to have.

I spent most of my time advising and helping people get their settings right and compose images, but I did manage to get a few cool images as well.

Diablo Dam January 2016

This image is of Diablo Lake and Ross Dam. The snow in the foreground adds a nice balance to the image.

As I awaited the students to return to the vans for the ride back to NCI I wandered out towards the highway and saw a sign for the Cascade Loop Scenic Highway.

Cascade Loop - Diablo Overlook

This and the road and starry sky presented a wonderful opportunity.

I lead Night Sky Photo Tours each month, when there is no moon. This link gives the dates for each month this year (through September) as well as other details and a way to register for your own adventure!

Night Sky and North Cascades Photo Tours are available for anyone. We can arrange to do a Drive-In tour, where we stop along the North Cascades Highway of the Mount Baker Highway to capture images, OR we can arrange hiking tours (both day hikes and overnights) to more remote locations in the North Cascades as well.

And lastly, spring is not too far off! Book your self a Skagit Valley Tulip Photo Tour!

3 thoughts on “Diablo Overlook Night Sky

  1. Wow, Andy … these are stunning! I’ve just promised myself that if I’m ever in your neck of the woods I’ll time my visit so I can take one of your workshops.

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