Goat Rocks Wilderness

The Goat Rocks Wilderness is located in the southern Cascades of Washington State. Remnants of an ancient volcano core eroded into crags of stone, the Goat Rocks lie between the mammoth summit of Mount Rainier and Washington State’s second highest peak, Mount Adams.

The Pacific Crest Trail makes its way through the wilderness on its way from Mexico to Canada.

In late July and early August the snow melts and the meadows are alive, painted with acres and acres of fantastically beautiful wildflowers.

Snow Grass Flats is a fairy-like section of trail nearby. The Bear Grass and Lupine creating such color splendor that its hard to hike!

If you’d like to purchase a canvas wrap or fine art print, here is the gallery to view and choose size and frame.

Next summer Washington State Photo Tours are available! Tulip Photo Tours, Night Sky Photo Tours and North Cascades Hiking Tours.

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