Fort Worden State Park and Point Wilson Light House

I accompanied my son’s 5th grade class on an overnight field trip to Fort Worden State Park, in Port Townsend, Washington last week. The kids all had fun, feeding an octopus and dissecting a fish…

And I had fun taking pictures. Lighthouses are, of course, huge magnets for photographers.

The old fort has a maze of concrete tunnels for artillery.

And the flowers were blooming!

So, it was a great time for all.

9 thoughts on “Fort Worden State Park and Point Wilson Light House

  1. Color me green with envy! Great shots (of course). I never knew lupines came in yellow. Love the perspective of the ferry photo, and the lighthouse with the railing shots (especially the last one).

  2. What a Memory, Field Trips, they last a Lifetime. Thanks for Sharing the 2015 Field trip/Ferry Ride/Lighthouse (point Wilson L.H.) and the “Herd’ Feed. Field trips by any other Name is “FOOD”..Your Sharing the “Slice of Time” with us, is GREAT. The Dining Car, “Herd Feed

    On May 31, 2015, at 1:08 PM, North Western Images – photos by Andy Porter wrote:

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