Old Truck and Blacksmith Shed

I drive by this old truck and old buildings everyday, they call to me. Today the sky was fine and so I went and asked if I could shoot.
old car 1
old car 4
old car 2

old car 3

The shed once housed a Blacksmith. There is still quite a bit of equipment inside, under the roof and skies…
old barn 1
old barn 5
old barn 2

13 thoughts on “Old Truck and Blacksmith Shed

  1. As usual.. The Ol’ truck is an eye Catcher. With the Sun behind the Roof – -It Appears ready to Haul another Load. The ol” Blacksmith Shop…Would the Owners be willing to “Part’ with what ever equipment and tools are remaining.?.., N.E. GA. foothills.

    On Sun, Nov 23, 2014 at 12:24 AM, North Western Images – photos by Andrew

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