Astrophotography Images – 2014

15 thoughts on “Astrophotography Images – 2014

  1. The Universe and the Outdoors placed into the Eye og this Cyclops…WOW…!! Thanks. With your Permission…I would enjoy sharing YOUR Captures with Friends and other Photographers….?

    On Sat, Oct 18, 2014 at 1:29 AM, North Western Images – photos by Andrew

  2. Thanks for the “RIDE”, your Talent, Skills, Patience, Love of the out doors and your Walking and talking with nature is great…the Rare Part is your willingness to Listen to Nature…to feel the ebb and flow…then capture the events that Nature Presents….Always Ready…expect the unexpected and stay in the Moment (The Positive and common bond with Nature), will provide the Natural capture. May you Move with the Elements, blending with the Sun, Moon, Wind, Rain, Snow and Light. May your Viewer reward You with the essence of the Visible and the Meaning of the Present. Stay Healthy, Stay Alert, Be “SAFE”, Remove and clean the “COVER”, Be RESPECTFUL of the many gifts around you. Say a Prayer of Thanksgiving for each Breath, each Click and the Gift you Give to US. Thank YOU.

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