Astrophotography Images – Recent Efforts

Capturing nighttime images along the coast is a challenge, so much moisture in the air cuts down star visibility. However this image from Shi Shi Beach came out okay. The glow on the horizon is the small town of Neah Bay. And there are several campfires along the shore. Night sky at Shi Shi Beach

Zion National Park is famous for its night skies, this image is taken on the bridge along the main park road, looking down the Virgin River. Orion really shines in this shot!
Zion National Park: Virgin River and Orion

The Baker River is a wild river, its northern end far away from any signs of civilization. The streaks in the sky are satellites.
Baker River Stars and Footbridge

This last image is from Palouse Falls State Park, in eastern Washington. The campfire in the canyon illuminated the walls with a wonderful orange glow…
Paliuse Falls and Milky Way

6 thoughts on “Astrophotography Images – Recent Efforts

    • Yes, light pollution is not often spoken about, but once you are really away from all the lights of “civilization” you can see such a difference! Its no wonder that ancient people’s paid such attention to the night sky!

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