Left Fork Canyon and the Subway, Zion National Park

Zion Subway Panorama Panorama of the “Subway”, Zion National Park

Most Zion visitors stay in the valley.
Zion National Park Zion Valley from the Angel’s Landing Trail

There are other parts of the park to visit. In order to not let some of these other areas become as overrun as the main valley a permit system is in place to limit the number of people. I am quite happy for this, solitude is one of my most valued commodities.
zion people 1004 Admiring the canyon…

One hike available is called Left Fork Canyon, aka “The Subway”. The subway name is from a short section of the hike (the entire trip is 9 miles) where the canyon walls curve and it looks like you’re inside a subway tunnel.
Zion National Park and the "Subway" Subway

The hike can be done two ways: From top to bottom as a through hike, you’ll need to cars, one to park at each end. This also necessitates that you have experience in rappelling, climbing and in many seasons, you’ll need to bring a wet suit. Zion National Park and the "Subway" Rappelling down into the Subway section of the hike

The other option is to hike the trail from the bottom up, to the Subway entrance, and then turn around and hike back. This trip is also 9 miles (4.5 miles each way), but does not require climbing skills or a wet suit. Zion National Park and the "Subway" Entrance to the Subway

The bottom up hike starts with a scramble from the parking area down to the creek. From there you just follow the water course until you come to the subway entrance. Max and Ella 1em

Along the way are a myriad of pools, grottoes and fantastic views as the canyon becomes more and more narrow. lfc-2m Grotto along Left Fork Canyon

tree-9m1 Trees in the canyon

There are also a very well preserved set of dinosaur tracks right along the trail. Dinosaur Prints Dinosaur Prints Fossilized

The Subway itself is a true wonder of nature, the smooth, etched walls of the canyon curve overhead while emerald green pools of water glisten. lfc-6m1

subway 1234567em

subway 1234568m12em

subway and people 124em

subway and people 123em

The canyon itself arcs with a slit above revealing beautiful red rock towers jutting over the floor striated with luscious hues.subway 1112m

subway 123456em




If you want to pay this holy canyon a visit, go on line and apply for a permit WELL in advance of your trip.

This is a hike you will not soon forget!

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