Left Fork Canyon, Zion National Park

This has been officially added to my list of all time favorite hikes. Last week was my second visit and I was even more enamored than before…
Left Fork Canyon, Zion National Park
Sometimes known as the “Subway”, Left Fork Canyon is out of the main section of the park. To get there you need to go north on the Kolob Reservoir Road, out of Virgin. Permits are required for ANY hiking there, which is a wonderful thing as it makes for a real wilderness experience which is totally unlike hiking in the Zion Canyon part of the park.
The “subway” name comes from the shape of the canyon walls, as you can see here.
Left Fork Canyon, Zion National Park
This last shot I managed from inside the subway using my new 14mm lens. Left Fork Canyon, Zion National Park
A truly stunning location. Make sure to book a permit before you head down there next time, you will not be disappointed!

22 thoughts on “Left Fork Canyon, Zion National Park

  1. very kewl shots, yes have been up those canyons , very wawe inspirinf indeed huh… jest donm’t go hiking up there in devils canyon any day there is going to be thunderstorms though, is very intense the flooding, believe me, hike preparred, when hiking Zion, Very kewl πŸ™‚ . Q

  2. Gorgeous photos! I love the sense of space I feel in your photos. Been to Utah, many areas, but haven’t been to Zion. I’ll be sure to visit it soon. Maybe this summer!!

    • I dont worry about any of that, if someone wants to pirate the images its easy to circumvent those protocols, I just upload to as many sites as I can and have fun. Once in a while I do searches for locations I have visited and if someone had stolen my shots I guess I would see it. My advice is dont worry!

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