Chasing wildflowers

Ah, the sweet freedom of the last day of school!

My journey took me through Edison , to the Samish River.

The daisies got me thinking about the Samish Overlook, and so I headed there.

A hang glider swooped and soared above.

Another perfect day… Looking forward to many more!


Samish Island Sunset

Images captured years ago, now seeing the light of day…

It was just one of those utterly unbelievably colorful sunsets.

There is no way to fake those colors!

Samish Overlook Para Gliders

Samish Overlook is a wonderful place for views.

I visited this morning, hoping to get a few shots of the view with some flowers.

I did!

And I got an extra bonus of two people paragliding off!

Samish River Sunset

Here are a few images from the Samish River from last week. The sky was abound with color. I love the green grass and the reflection of colors in the river.

This is from the little bridge that spans the Samish along the Bayview – Edison Road.

Sunrise Over Puget Sound

Not far from my house is the Samish Overlook. It is one of my go-to places for sunrises and sets.

On Labor Day I awoke at 5am and though it was mostly cloudy took an chance and made my way there.

From the parking area there are two viewpoints, one facing south with a view of Skagit Valley and Samish Bay

Samish Bay

Samish Bay

and the other looking west out over the Puget Sound, towards the San Juan Islands.

Puget Sound 3 small

Puget Sound 4

Puget Sound 5

Sunrises are always a gradual awakening of colors.

The wind was calm over the water making for some nice reflections.

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Best of Boats, 2013

I am not normally a “boat person” so I am not too sure how I would up with so many boating images this year, but I did and here are the best of them!

sunset boats 4 em Cypress Island

boat reflection Bellingham Bay Marina

boat 2_1em Cypress Island

boat 2rem Samish Bay Inlet

boat 3_1 em Cypress Island

sunset boats em Cypress Island

boat 3m Samish Bay Inlet

boat 4rem Samish Bay Inlet

marina5em Bellingham Bay Marina

boat 6em Samish Bay Inlet

boat 9em Samish Bay Inlet

marina4em Bellingham Bay Marina

boat 11em Samish Bay Inlet

boat 11M Samish Bay Inlet

boat 12em Samish Bay Inlet

cypress 1em Cypress Island

cypress 2em Cypress Island

cypress 3em Cypress Island

boat 7em Samish Bay Inlet

cypress 4em Cypress Island

kids Cypress Island

marina1em Bellingham Bay Marina

marina3em Bellingham Bay Marina

peter em Cypress Island

sunset boats 2em Cypress Island

sunset boats 3em Cypress Island

boat 1em Samish Bay Inlet

sunset em Cypress Island