Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge is not a place you can visit once. There is magic there, a magical feeling and once you experience it, you will want to go back again and again.

The drama of the landscape ebbs and flows with the weather; each day the storms of the Pacific make their way eastward filling the Gorge with clouds and sun.

The deep gash of the river cuts a trough thousands of feet deep through the mountains, its steep cliffs covered in green. As the day progresses the shadows shift and colors change. Each day the show is different.

Driving back and forth, up and down the valley, chasing the light I visit each little town along the highway, each has a unique character, a story to tell… life along the river goes at its own speed. I am amazed by the place and the people I am lucky enough to meet. I already want to go back!

These images are from a 4 day trip over spring break. I spent my time hunting for blooming wildflowers and exploring a few waterfalls.

Each week of spring bring new blooms in the Gorge; here are some wildflowers images from Columbia Hills State Park.

Panther Creek Falls is one of my all-time favorite waterfalls. The images tell all.

Rodney Creek Falls is another wonderful, multi-tiered falls, in Beacon Rock State Park.

Here are more random images from 4 days of rambling about…

Wind Mountain Ranch is where I stayed, a wonderful place!

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