North Cascades Photography – Cap Sante Park

North Cascades Photography – Cap Sante Park

Finding a great vista is like finding gold to a photographer. A view point from which to capture sunrises, sunsets, moon or stars is priceless. There are many in the North Cascades: Washington Pass Overlook along Highway 20 and Artist Point, at the end of the Mt Baker Highway are two fantastic spots. Down in Skagit Valley one of my favorites is located in Anacortes, along the Cascade Loop Highway.

Anacortes is located on Fidalgo Island. Rosario Strait and the San Juan Islands are to the West while to the South, Deception Pass separates Fidalgo and Whidbey Islands. To the East, the Swinomish Channel separates Fidalgo Island from the mainland.

Cap Sante Park is a 37 acre forested promontory at the eastern edge of Anacortes. It is primarily a viewpoint overlooking the marina, the City of Anacortes, March Point, Fidalgo Bay and the Cascades. A remnant of an amphitheater is located on the east bank of the park.

There is plenty of parking, no rest rooms, and a few very short trails.

Sunrise here is especially spectacular. The serrated ridge-line of the North Cascades scrapes the horizon and Mount Baker grandly stands guard over the proceedings.

This particular set of images of from a sunrise a few weeks ago…

Nearby is Cap Sante Marina. Make sure to stop by for some more wonderful images of all the boats…

Here are a few more images from recent sunrise visits to Cap Sante.


Winchester Lookout, Star Trails and the Aurora Borealis

Summer is coming! That means Night Sky Photo Tour opportunities along the North Cascades Highway! If you’re interested in learning how to capture images of the Milky Way, here is a recent article “Astrophotography with a DSLR” to help get you started.

7 thoughts on “North Cascades Photography – Cap Sante Park

  1. How generous you are to share some of your favorite vistas, Andy! But I doubt that one in 1,000 photographers could equal the beauty of your photos, even while standing in the same spot.

    • When Ive been there at night its been at 3am or so, maybe 4am… and no cops. I would guess that after midnight or 1am they dont patrol it so much. IF they found me there, I expect they would just tell me to go and thats it.

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