Old Tulip Pics

There images are all from one days visits to the tulip fields, in 2015.

Every year the location of the tulip fields change. In 2015 there were very large fields of different color flowers, located near a barn, off of Best Road. It was a wonderful location, there were many trees, farm equipment, standing water, and of course the barn!

I visited the tulip fields for photos 18 times in 2015! All of these images are from one trip.

I just love the petals in the mud…

Its right about this time each year that I start to think about things like sunshine and warm, and flowers…not sure why!

One thought on “Old Tulip Pics

  1. Gosh. I wonder why a guy might start thinking about flowers and sunshine this time of year? Just 10 more days until the light-hours start getting longer, Andy! 😉 In the meantime, thank you for this gorgeous feast for the eyes and the soul.

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