6 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon National park

  1. A KEEPER…!! (even with ‘All’ the Light Pollution and Lighting…You, again…. managed a Beautiful sample of the star galaxie above us. ( For some inside Locations, etc.. Two Hikers in the Las Vegas area (DVB) Death Valley Bob) MALLERY and Matthew Travis PLESS (Our #2 Son). Have Experience in the Area…All the way to Mt. Whitney and North into CO. and beyond. Check out their fb Pages… As always… Thanks for Sharing.

  2. Thanks for the Tulips, Rainbows and the Milky Way. It is Amazing…Your added Light pollution to the Slope on the Left and the City’s reflected light providing a silhouet of the distant peaks… combined with the Lightig Strike…All added a Golden Purple glow that compliments the Stars above….The Lighting Strike appears ‘At First” to be from the Milky Way….. Nice timing, Blending and artistic Conception (Set up- Light- Framing- “f” and framing.). Thanks for Sharing…(Been OFF for a while….Nice to see your Work and know you are Moving Forward…Again.! Thanks for Sharing.).

    On Sun, Apr 9, 2017 at 11:26 PM, North Western Images – photos by Andy Porter wrote:

    > Andy Porter posted: “Just back from Utah, visited Zion and Bryce. Bryce > was cold, snow storm the day we arrived, about 15 degrees at night…just > right for night sky images. I have never seen such a bright sky. ” >

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