After much work (pleading, begging, swearing, despairing, elation, suffering and dejection) I have finally gotten myself a web site which is pretty darned close to exactly what I want. carnival-2em

Here is is!

There are lots of pictures. Gotta like pictures!

There is a list of Galleries where you can purchase a wide variety of fine art prints as well as canvas wrapped prints and digital downloads.

There are links to find out about and register for Photo Tours.

The site accept credit cards and pay pal and the money comes to me directly, not a third-party vendor.

I am excited and hope it flourishes!

If you have a look feel free to send me any thoughts of what you like, don’t like and/or suggestions.

Happy Summer Solstice!


The first 30 customers who purchase any print through the web site will get 30% off! The coupon code is: SUMMERSOLSTICE. The discount code is entered when  you check out.

Milky Way and Shooting Star

Milky Way and Shooting Star




18 thoughts on “

  1. Congratulations on the new web site, it looks really good. Worth all the swearing, pleading etc. Impressive list of travels and places lived but interesting also that the body/mind knows where it is happiest.

      • When in a line like that in a menu I would look better if the thumbs are the same size. OK random sizes if in a tight group for a gallery. Just my humble opinion. We all see things differently. My comment is very minor. All together it is a terrific site.

  2. Looks great Andy! Only suggestion I would make is the read is really hard to read. I would change that font color. I know how difficult it can be putting one together. I did that a little over a year ago and it was nerve wracking! Keep up the good work!

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