Evening Photo Shoot at Skagit Tulip Fields

This last Saturday the rains hit, a real deluge…windy and storms, a day to stay indoors!
Skagit_Valley_Tulip_Festival 2015_1
Late afternoon arrives and there was a hit of blue peaking out of the gray.
Skagit_Valley_Tulip_Festival 2015_9
It’s hard to predict if the dark skies will win the battle or if there will be a late-day clearing, but I decided to make the gamble and head out to the tulips field all abloom in La Conner.
Skagit_Valley_Tulip_Festival 2015_3
The mud was slick and deep, the sun and clouds perfectly in harmony and the colors! The colors were to die for.
Skagit_Valley_Tulip_Festival 2015_13
I spent a few hours here, until the sun set.
Skagit_Valley_Tulip_Festival 2015_2

Andy Porter Guided Tulip Festival Photography Tours

Skagit Valley is located in NW Washington State and is home of some of the most stunning scenery anywhere. Spring brings amazing colors to the low lands, giant fields of tulips and daffodils create a patchwork of heaven. The Tulips have just gotten started this year, if you’d like to come for a visit and have a Tulip Photo Tour, we still have openings for Sunrise and Sunset tours this spring, have a look here.
Skagit_Valley_Tulip_Festival 2015_10

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